Sunday, 6 October 2019


1999: Millennium - The Farmer's Tale
The sun shines down in this aerial view at harvest time and the stamp shows a combine harvester busily working the field.  The stamp tells another story which is of satellite agriculture
January 1967: Increase the Rice Harvest 1966 (Design - Muy Khánh)
something that was not dreamed of when this North Vietnamese stamp was issued.
1954: Fruit - National Agricultural Fair (Design - Z Nagy; Engraver - E Horvath)
As a lover of apples this is always a good time of year for me when the new season apples arrive in the shops.
1958: Fruits (Design - D Franzioni)
These grapes look ripe for harvest although for the wine one would have to travel to San Marino as they export a minuscule amount.
1993: The Four Seasons - Autumn (Design - Charlotte Knox)
Time to harvest some hazel nuts, well perhaps see if you can get there before the squirrels.
1974: Huxian Peasant Paintings (Design  - Wu Jiankun)
I think this harvest may be corn cobs with cotton drying in the background but the stamp gives no clue as it is called the 'Great Harvest' and I must admit that sure is a bumper harvest.
Time to take a break with the farmers of Huxian.

Wheat stooks in Suffolk

Sunday Stamps II theme this week is - Harvest - gather in on See It On A Postcard


Mail Adventures said...

I also think they are corn cobs but who knows?
All these stamps are wonderful. The fist picture is stunning. That would be my favourite of your post, along with the last one.

violet s said...

Chinese stamps are challenging to decipher, at times!
Aerial views of fields are so interesting with their quilt like patterns.

Bob Scotney said...

Those stooks bring back memories for me. Another great selection of stamps.