Sunday, 29 September 2019


1966: French Art (Design and Engraving - Georges Bétemps)
La Sainte Chapelle of Paris was the royal chapel and its soaring heights contain stunning stained glass windows.  The church has the most extensive 13th century stained glass windows in the world.
The stamp shows the 'Baptism of Judas'.
1946-1948 Views (Designer and Engraver - René Cottet)
Staying in France here is the hill town of Vézelay and its abbey church, a UNESCO World Heritage site and also a pilgrimage destination.
1987 - Visit of Pope John Paul to Kevelaer (Designer - Antonia Graschberger)
More than a million pilgrims visit Kevelaer in Germany every year and in 1987 Pope John Paul II joined them to venerate the Virgin Mary and also visit the 17th Marian and 10th Mariological Congress.  
1981: Definitive- Buildings III (Designer and Engraver - K Løkke-Sørensen)
 The Norwegian church in Tromsdalen is nicknamed The Arctic Cathedral.  The card says on the back it was "consecrated in 1965 and is well known for its unique building style as well as its impressive glass".  Inside crystal chandeliers inspired by icicles hang down.  The card shows how the building stands out in its northern outpost and it can be seen shining out in the dark of winter here
2000: Millennium - 'Spirit and Faith'
Here the light is not shining out from the church windows but being lit up from outside.  In 2000 funding from the Millennium Commission enabled 400 churches in England, Scotland and Wales with the help of lighting engineers to floodlight their buildings. The church chosen for the stamp was St Peter and St Paul in Over Stowey, Somerset. The oldest part of the church is the 14th Century tower and part of the nave.
Rainy Day, Liverpool Anglican Cathedral and Post Van

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violet s said...

Before reading your description, my first thought on seeing the Norwegian church was that it looked like an iceberg.
I am curious about that postmark on the third stamp?!

Bob Scotney said...

The Millennium stamp is brilliant anth the block of 4 makes it even better.

Mail Adventures said...

The Arctic Cathedral is a stunning building (Thanks for the link!).

I've been wishing to visit the Sainte Chapelle for ages. At least, I've visited Liverpool cathedrals :)

Joy said...

Yes the postmark is intriguing but I have only the stamp and can't make out the wording.
I've missed out on visiting Sainte Chapelle too and only seen on film.