Sunday, 26 May 2019

Norwegian Postal Journeys

1996: Norway Post's 350th Anniversary - NORWEX 97 (Design - Sverre Morken)
Norway's postal services were celebrated in this set of stamps and they start with a post peasant (postbonde) setting out across a snowy expanse in 1647, possibly a more comfortable journey was to be had in the early 20th century in the fjord boat Framnaes which carried post, passengers and cargo.
A full load setting off, or arriving, in this truck of 1920.  The coastal air routes from Bergen to Tromsø were served by a Junkers Ju 52/3m seaplane operated by DNL in the 1930s. The aircraft took its name from the companies bird logo - The Tern (Ternen) but it soon became obvious that a small plane could not cope with the demand, there is certainly more
mail going by rail here in 1950.  Travelling the last miles is the rural postman delivering the mail in 1970.
No decorative pot plant in my local post office but they are selling bedding plants at the moment and so I queued up in-between people holding both post and plants this week.  Lastly a stamp described as electronic mail which I guess could be digital stamps.  The stamps were also issued in a special booklet in anticipation of NORWEX 97 held in Oslo whose linked theme was postal history and aerophilately.

The Sunday Stamps II prompt this week is the Letter N - here for Norway and NORWEX - See It On A Postcard



Mail Adventures said...

Stamps about postal history are always nice to look at; and especially whith so beautiful iilustrations.

People holding plants and post... it sounds like heaven!

violet s said...

I like all those identical 'potato sacks' of mail!
And the dedication of that long distance skier :)

Bob Scotney said...

Despite my 10 yeaars in Norway I never cam across any of these gorgeous stamps.