Friday, 18 May 2018

Traditional Costumes

So which part of Ukraine would you like to wear a traditional costume from?  As I like green I might pick the one at the top which would also mean I get to wear those neat red boots.  The evocative flower garland also makes an appearance and always brings to my mind long summer days.  Marina, the sender of the card, lives in the south of Ukraine in Melitopol so I guess she gets to wear the green jacket and red headscarf on the bottom right.

The flower that weaves its way through the country map I think is supposed to be a mallow which for Ukrainians symbolises love of home and the nation and can be often seen on decorative embroidery and folk costumes. According to legend it is considered to give protection and for that reason can be found growing and guarding the front of many Ukrainian homes.    

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Eva A. said...

I'm unable to decide which part of Ukraine would I like to wear a traditional costume from: all seem beautiful. But, if I have really to choose... I would wear a man's costume. They seem far more comfortable! ;-)

Maria said...

Same as Eva, it's hard for me to choose either! But if I'm pressed, I'd probably pick the one which is blue and white with the red band on the skirt, next to the word Ukraine.

Thank you for the information about the flower. It really helps a lot when information about the design on the postcard is available, it makes more sense and I appreciate it more :D