Sunday, 27 May 2018

Ornate Objects

2001: Al-Khanjar A'suri
The Omani dagger or khanjar not only appears on stamps of Oman but also their banknotes, is part of the national flag and printed on all official documents.  It is worn on ceremonial occasions and can be made of gold, silver, copper or brass. One has to be wealthy opt for the gold and silver and the time it can take to make can vary from a few weeks to several months depending on the material used.  An ornate national symbol.    
1989: 300th Anniversary of Arp Schnitger Organ
Of course if one wanted to see something really ornate then the era to turn to would be the baroque and above is the largest surviving baroque organ in northern Europe which can be heard every Sunday in St James Church, Hamburg making full use of its 3000 pipes and 60 registers.
1982: National Postal Museum Card Series of Post House Signs
Post office signs were just as ornate. This one is owned by the Museum for Post and Communication (the renamed National Postal Museum) in  Frankfurt am Main,  The museum gets rave reviews on Trip Advisor.
1975: Stamp Day
The stamp like the card shows a Post House sign of the Royal Prussian Establishment for Transport. At the time the different post house companies delivered mail to specific countries and a register was available to look up where to hand over ones post for the different destinations. How much easier it is today to just pop a letter in
1977: Stamp Day
a postbox.  This is a Belgian pillar box from 1852. The old Belgium pillar boxes are among my favourites although the earliest I've seen is this one.

The Sunday Stamps II prompt this week is the letter O - here for Oman, Ornate and Organ - more Os over at See It On A Postcard


FinnBadger said...

Great double O title. And fascinating stamps - I had no idea Belgian postboxes were so fancy when introduced.

Eva A. said...

Nice stamps. The Omani ones are in my collection too :D

I was recently in Belgium and, yes, I took several pictures of post boxes (as I usually do when travelling!).

violet s said...

Love the pillar box.
The Omani dagger is so bulky looking.

Ana said...

what a great way to incorporate ornaments in every day objects! That baroque organ stamp is just beautiful!

Bob Scotney said...

thank you for these - not a take on the theme that I would ever have thought off. Those daggers are really interesting. The letter box makes our postboxes look drab.