Saturday, 30 December 2017

United We Stand

1947: Centenary of the US Postage Stamp Centenary (Design - Leon Helgura; Engraver - Matthew D Fenton)
The US Post travelling at high speed towards us out of the stamp to celebrate a hundred years of the US postage stamp and the evolution of postal transport. The portraits chosen of Washington and Franklin were the same ones as used on those first stamps but of course Ben Franklin was also the first postmaster general who revolutionised the postal system and it may be said the country.  The artist is Leon Helgura(1889-1970) who a few years later would design the first stamp of the newly created United Nations (issued in 1951), I don't have any of those but the following year his design
was chosen to be used on their prepaid postcards

As there is a steam train and a streamliner train on the first stamp lets travel on the

UNICEF train bringing hope to the children around the world.
1966: 20th Anniversary of UNICEF
The FDC also features Hans Erni's child and peace dove, the latter one of his favourite symbols. In his very long life (1909-2015) he produced every type of art and many stamps. At the age of 100 his 60m ceramic fresco was installed outside the entrance to the United Nations building in Geneva. The dove in this is a recurring theme but as far as I know no ungulates but they do feature quite a bit
1995: Endangered Species (3rd Series)
on the United Nations series of stamps of endangered species. Here the hooves are being worn by a black rhino and the Arabian Oryx which share this set with a golden conure and a variegated langur, how nice that they also have a U in their name.  No camel postman this time
Definitives 1920-28 Overprinted Stamps of Upper Senegal and Niger
but if he was then that gun would protect the post in this stamp from the Upper Volta (present day Burkino Faso)

Sunday Stamps II prompt this week is the letter U - for United States, United Nations, UNICEF and ungulates - See It On A Postcard


Bob Scotney said...

I had no idea that the UN had such fun stamps.

FinnBadger said...

Love the UN stamps you've shown today.

Heleen said...

Beautiful stamps, and such a variety of themes!

Eva A. said...

Me too, I also love the stamps. The train is very cute. I thought of Upper Volta, but I don't have this kind of stamps. So thanks for sharing it!

Calantha Felber said...

I love the Upper Volta stamp and also everything about camel post. But yes, this looks not like a postman.

violet s said...

While researching my UN stamps, I read that these endangered species stamps were very nice... and indeed the ones you've shown are.
And that UN building really towers over everything else!