Sunday, 24 December 2017

Christmas Time

1999: Pingu
The last posting day for Christmas has passed, time for little Pingu to take a rest and get ready to open his own presents under the Christmas Tree. Does a tree fit into an igloo?
1986: Christmas (Design - Margaret Halcrow-Cross}
And how does one wrap "a partridge in a pear tree"?  The counting song 12 days of Christmas is a popular subject for stamps and New Zealand Post issued three stamps each showing one of the first three gifts sent by "my true love"
2017: Christmas (Design - Catherine Rowe)
The Isle of Man went a step further and issued all 12 days in a set this year, easy to sing along with these in front of you. I show the partridge in the pear tree because I think it is so interesting to see how different artists interpret the same subject.
1992: Christmas (Design - Frances Poskitt)
A beautiful starry night in Ireland unfortunately not one we are going to have here this year in these islands. Its been unremitting gloom - mist and rain - for ages, we are promised sunshine on Wednesday!  The artist is Frances Poskitt, best known for her botanical paintings so you get a lovely holly bush on the stamp. We have been to church through stamps so it is now time to sit down for Christmas dinner
1982: Christmas (Design - Lynette Hemmant)
the party hats are on so the crackers have been pulled
2011: Christmas (Illustrator Andrew Hopgood/Design Jennifer Scalzo)
and Santa Claus is enjoying the day off on Christmas Island.  I wonder what he is going to eat?
2017: Christmas (Gingerbread Houses)
It would be a shame to cut into this little Gingerbread House. The gingerbread makers name appears on each of this two stamp set and this one is a gingerbread farmhouse by Miceal de Haas (story here).
Åland Post wished me a Merry Christmas with this Maximum Card. What a perfect Christmas greeting.  It looks an idyllic place to spend the holidays. 

 Sunday Stamps II is celebrating Christmas on stamps - See It On A Postcard 
Wishing you all A Very Merry Christmas



FinnBadger said...

What a great collection... and I see more crabs on your Christmas Island stamp.

I love the design of this year's Isle of Man stamp, really gorgeous.

However, my favorite of the day has to be Pingu the Postman!

Heleen said...

A beautiful collection, these kind of stamps are my favourite kinds of christmas stamps! Thank you for sharing!

violet s said...

Pingu!! he's a favourite of mine :)
I just looked it up, and these red crabs aren't edible. Pity.

viridian said...

The Isle of Man stamp is wonderful, so lovely.

Eva A. said...

How beautiful they are!

Bob Scotney said...

A truly festive lot with Christmas Island cabs yet again.