Saturday, 10 June 2017

Three Dragons

Flag of Wales – Y Ddraig Goch
Although the dragon on the green and white background only became the official flag of Wales in the 20th Century as the card says on the back "Since the time of Uther Pendragon, father of King Arthur, the dragon has been used on the Standards of the Welsh Kings. It was believed that the dragon protected his own and inspired terror in the enemy".

The dragon stamp on the maximum card is from the "Celebrating Wales" miniature sheet issued in 2009, one of a series of miniature sheets celebrating the countries that make up the United Kingdom.
Conwy Castle Ramparts

Here are couple of welsh flags I saw flying on the ramparts of Conwy Castle in the gloom of a rainy day.

Postcards for the Weekend theme - Flags - flying at Connections to the World 


Maria said...

Hello Joy, thanks for sharing this Wales flag maxicard. My partner & I saw the most recent King Arthur movie last weekend. It inspires me to go back to UK and rediscover the places that are part of the King Arthur legend. Have a nice week ahead.

Eva A. said...

I guess that they succeed in frightening the enemies with this flag... I received a similar postcard once (but not the stamp).