Saturday, 3 June 2017


The largest island in the world and the card gives the latitude and longitude (also helpfully marking the arctic circle) so perhaps one could plot a route to Greenland.  There will be no trouble finding a post office because that is what all the red dots are around the coast on the postcard.  Nuuk on the south west coast is not only Greenland's capital but the home of the giant Santa Claus Post Box
Image from Wikipedia
where letters to the jolly gentleman are gathered all year round.  Razlan from Hong Kong also called in to the nearby tourist post office and shared his photo on Flickr here  Of course another way to 'visit' Greenland is by post and this is what one Canadian postal enthusiast is doing with post office cover cancels  here.  

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Maria said...

Hi Joy, I need to read more on that Santa Claus post box. I know I've heard about it before but can't really completely wrap my mind around the complete story. Thanks for sharing this Greenland postcard and that huge red post box photo. Have a great trip to Ireland. I'm happy the UK (or not so UK) postcard made you laugh!

violet s said...

Love the link you provided for the 'postal centres'!