Friday, 3 March 2017

Northern Maps

My town just sneaks onto this card at the bottom left (Barrow).  It is on the edge in more ways than one as it is on a peninsula surrounded by water which some comedians say is  'the longest cul-de-sac' in the country. The council prefers the line 'between sea and mountains'   The lakes of the Lake District span out like the spokes of a wheel and to feel completely surrounded by mountains then nothing is better than to head to the centre, Grasmere.

To give some context lets pan out a little to show where I am on the west coast 
with this card which shows a long distance footpath, The Pennine Way, which runs down the spine of the north of England.  Most people take three weeks to complete the walk however in July 1989  Mike Hartley ran the route in 2 days, 17 hours, 20 minutes and 15 seconds without stopping for sleep.  Mike only  rested only twice on this record breaking run and one of those was an 18-minute fish and chip break in Alston (which can be seen on the card near the man with the binoculars).

I think I would rather take a trip into the Lake District for the day
perhaps head for the Langdale Valley.   On a winter's day like this one could take a choice of stopping in the village on the postcard and sitting by the Britannia Inn's open fire in Elterwater or continue on for a walk up the Langdale Pikes whose names are Pike O'Stickle and Harrison's Stickle. The distinctive shape can be recognised from any direction.

Postcard's for the Weekend theme - Home Country - Go home to Connections to the World


Maria said...

Wow Joy! Thank you for taking us into a trip to your hometown through these 3 postcards. I am very curious how long it would take me to complete the Pennine Way ... I love long walks but probably I don't have the stamina for a foot path that long! Thanks for sharing and have a nice weekend.

Helen said...

My family and I travelled to the Lake District when I was quite young. I don't remember much about it, I think it was probably cold and damp, since I'm sure we went at the wrong time of year! After university, and studying the great poets, I think I would have got so much more out of the trip if I had done it when I was older.

Maybe some day I'll make it to the Lake District again! I can only hope...

Great cards! Thank you for posting them.

John's Island said...

Hi Joy, Your cards are great for this week’s theme. I do love the map cards. If they say a picture is worth a 1000 words, a map card must be worth even more. What a great location you have there in Barrow. It seems like Barrow must be an excellent place for a person who loves watching ships. I wonder if you have a lot of maritime traffic there? The picture card, Elterwater Village and Langdale Pikes, is just a beautiful scene. Very nice post!

John Edwards said...

I've picnicked among the bracken looking at the Langdale Pikes often enough. One of my favourite places in the whole world!

DawnTreader said...

Beautiful landscape :)

Eva A. said...

I like to receive postcards with detailed maps like those.
I think I would need the three (or four) weeks to walk the Pennine Way. Poor Mike Hartley, he didn't see anything!