Friday, 13 January 2017

Fly Away

"One Hour Before Departure"
The Polish painter, graphic artist and book illustrator Wiktor Najbor has a love of aviation and also likes to tell a story of the world he sees around him.
"Special Needs Passenger"
but sometimes with a twist.  I like aeroplanes but I'm not a great fan of travelling by air although I always enjoy the raw power of the actual take off.  In contrast I know someone who loves the whole experience and always arrives at the airport hours before the required check in time so he can watch all the planes coming and going.       

Postcards for the Weekend theme - transportation - be transported at Connections to the World


Heleen said...

I like airplane spotting, too (which is handy when living rather close to an airport..), great postcards!

Helen said...

Those are really interesting cards!

And because I live a LONG way from home, l love travelling by air too. I actually enjoy my time in airports and love to people-watch and look at all the planes and the little shops!

Maria said...

Hi Joy, thank you for sharing this couple of illustrated airplane postcards. I don't have any postcard with an airplane on it. I also don't like flying very much but I have to do it for my job. Planes coming in and taking off the runway are always nice to watch though.

Eva A. said...

I've received one of these postcards, and I think they are fine illustrations. I love them!

And about travelling by plane, I like less and less. But I should do from time to time.