Sunday, 25 December 2016

The Christmas Story

1960: Christmas (Designer K. McKay; Engraver: Bruce Stewart)
Australia chose a biblical quotation for the Christmas of 1960 taken from the Gospel of Luke 2:10 ... "Behold I bring you good tidings of joy", the words of the angel to the shepherds watching their flocks by night.
The Christmas story was GB's choice for the 2015 issue and the stamps were painted by David Holmes who has also painted the image on this First Day Cover envelope.
2nd class and 2nd Large - The Journey to Bethlehem; 1st class and 1st Large - The Nativity
£1.00 - Animals of the Nativity; £1.33 - The Shepherds; £1.52 - The Three Wise Men or Magi
£2.25 - The Annunciation

Art Direction and design of the stamps was by Studio David Hillman whose says on his company website "My philosophy is that pictures are not employed to fill space but tell a story". 

 Wishing you all a Happy Christmas

An entry to Sunday Stamps II theme - Religious Christmas - celebrate at See It On A Postcard 


VioletSky said...

Love the camel, and the dramatic skies.
And it is nice to see the bible verse in the old stamp.
Hope you are having a happy Christmas this year.

viridian said...


FinnBadger said...

I'm not a religious person, however I loved last year's watercolors on the Royal Mail Christmas stamps. Thanks for showing the whole set. And the camel is still a favorite!

John Edwards said...

I liked those British ones and that Australia one is so typical of the era.

Bob Scotney said...

Best Christmas wishes to you, Joy.

Even I liked last years Christmas stamps.