Friday, 18 November 2016

Girl Reading

Girl Reading by Harold Knight
The view from the window shows a bare branched tree and a hazy view, perhaps the windows are a little steamed up from the warmth of the room. What better place to recline on a winters day, to read and then perhaps muse while looking out of the window. Whoever she is and wherever this window view is  it looks an extremely comfortable place to recline.    

The painting is 'Girl Reading' by Harold Knight (1874-1961) exhibited at the Royal Academy, London in 1932. Harold is less known than his artist wife Laura who he married in 1903,  their painting styles possibly reflect their personalities, Harold quiet and Laura exuberant.  He painted mostly portraits and interiors, quite a few of which are of girls reading or immersed in a task.  He and Laura spent several years in Holland studying the Dutch Masters and that influence can be seen (keeping to this week's theme) in a painting like Reading At The Window  

Postcards for the Weekend theme this week is - Books/Reading/ Authors - read more at Connections to the World


Heleen said...

Such an amazing painting!

John Edwards said...

I love it. But then I love most cards of people reading.

Maria said...

I love this postcard, Joy! I'm pinning this image on my Women Who Read board in pinterest. Thanks for joining and linking up. Until next week.

Helen said...

A lovely postcard! I really liked reading about the artist too.

Eva A. said...

It's a beautiful postcard. I'd like to see the picture in person.