Sunday, 31 July 2016


Horses are a popular theme for GB stamps in a variety of guises, the latest in the long line of these favourites were the 2014 Working Horses set here shown on a FDC with a galloping Clydesdale.

The stamps show 1st - Riding for the Disabled, 1st - The King's Troop Ceremonial Horses (the 111 horses based in London are always seen on state occasions) and £1.28 Forestry Horses (my local logger uses Dales ponies).

88 - Royal Mews Carriage Horses, 88 - Dray Horses (the stamp shows the Hook Norton Brewery dray which regularly delivers beer barrels by shire horse in the village of Hook Norton in Oxforshire and for nostalgia fans there is also a Victorian steam engine in the brewery) Lastly £1.28 - Police Horses, of fascination to visiting foreign fan to football matches who like to have their picture taken with them. This is not the first time police horses have been on GB stamps but lets see a more famous mounted force,
the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  Although the cancel is indistinct on this definitive stamp happily the year it travelled stands out.
1989: Horses
Poland issued a set of famous horse breeds, of which I only have two featuring a white Lipizzaner, the dancing white horses of the Spanish Riding School of Vienna and an English Thoroughbred, a breed that was also included in the Royal Mail's  1978 Horses set   
designed by the wildlife artist Patrick Oxenham. 
2009: The Lusitano Horse
The Portuguese Lusitano horse got a whole set to itself, known for its bravery and agility it is considered by Portugal to be a cultural living treasure.  The first stamp shows 'Working Equitation' which involves all sorts of maneuvers of horse and rider, the next is horse education which to my eyes looks like a high speed dressage. Lastly bullfighting, nothing gets killed in the Portuguese version.
The left stamp above says Alta Escola which translates as high school and I think  may refer to the Royal Riding School of Lisbon, established in the 18th Century. Lastly the Google translate of Atrelagem de competicao is the rather impenetrable 'coupling of competition'.  I think it is the sport of Carriage Driving.
Continuing the Portuguese theme here are a couple of cavalinho (little horse) definitive stamps from the 1950s which refer to both the horse and the small size of the stamps.

An entry to Sunday Stamps II theme - horses - for more gallop over to See It On A Postcard


FinnBadger said...

I like both working horses sets, however the Portuguese set has a wonderful style about it - stunning stamps.

Bob Scotney said...

I missed out on both the GB sets unfortunately - splendid both of them. I thought about adding the ones from Portugal but kept them in reserve.

viridian said...

I too have shared one of your stamps, that came to me via a Postcrossing postcard. Wonderful stamps, all of them.

VioletSky said...

I was at a show of Lipizzaners a few years ago was mightily impressed with their dancing skills.

Heleen said...

I missed the links last week, but finally I found your blog post. A great collection, I enjoyed to see very much!