Sunday, 24 July 2016

An Island Feast

1998: Horticulture
This cover illustration with the the word Jordbruk (Horticulture) shows a jar of pickled cucumbers and a jar of some sort of apple preserve I know not what.  The stamps show apple cheeked Ålanders picking the crops
The relatively mild winters, late springs and long mild autumns mean that the Åland Islands are perfect places for apple growing
2011: Apples
and they grow many varieties, a large proportion being exported to Finland. The Strömma apple shown takes its name from the village where Ålander Fridolf Sundberg first grew this variety.
2005: Europa - Gastronomy
Being Scandinavian there has to be fish gleaming on a plate as imagined by the artist Juha Pykälainen.  I'm a bit short on stamps featuring food so I'll pad this post out with a postcard
of the Great Yarmouth Fish Wharf Post Office and postal van in 1937. The home port at this time of a massive Herring Fleet which last sailed in the 1950s and coincidentally also the place the first frozen fish fingers were manufactured ( invented by he American Clarence Birdseye) in 1955.   Having had a stamp meal of fish, pickled cucumbers and perhaps then some Åland pancakes with apple preserve maybe we could finish with a piece of fruit.  This will have to be imported
c1926 Definitive - Orange Tree
from sunny South Africa.

An entry to this week's Sunday Stamps II theme - Food - tuck in at See It On A Postcard


Bob Scotney said...

That South Africa stamp is so familiar to me, I was sure I had in my collection - but no. In Norway pickled herring were always on my menu.

Ana said...

I really love such jars with colourful paper lids - they instantly make the food more appealing to me! Kinda remind me of my childhood...

FinnBadger said...

The fish stamp is fantastic.

VioletSky said...

I had a job once picking apples. I don't remember smiling as these two are on those Aland stamps.
The fish stamps looks like it could be a tile - would look great outside a fishmonger's.

Heleen said...

Interesting stamps of a country I don't know that well (I didn't know the climate would be warm enough for apples and cucumbers!).
Also I thought the fish stamp a tile - it is a nice design.
Thank you for sharing and for your information on the stamps!