Sunday, 9 August 2015

Unseasonable Feast

Jersey Christmas 2013
I have heard of a few families who gather mid year for their Christmas because of the logistics of the mid winter festival when it is impossible to be in two, three or even four places at one time.  An eminently sensible idea with no pressure and a calm shopping environment to gather the ingredients for a Christmas dinner.  I was rather lacking in stamps featuring food so I'm joining that mid year idea for Sunday Stamps and in fact would happily munch my way through most of the items shown at any time of year.  The stamps are by one of Jersey Post's favourite artists - Michael Pollard and he has captured the season perfectly with its dusting of white.

 We start on the top row with 40p Christmas Pudding (traditionally made five weeks before Christmas) and so stodgy could be a meal in its own right. 45p Mulled wine which I don't really like but those mince pies would go down a treat 50p Gingerbread shown here hung on a Christmas tree and of course the season would not be complete without 55p the Christmas Cake.
Bottom:  60p Stollen or Christollen a fruit cake which seems to have been adopted in recent years, we must have been thinking ah well we pinched that Christmas tree idea from Germany what else do they have. 68p Mixed Nuts and the time for the nutcracker to make an appearance 88p a Gingerbread House, another German import and lastly 95p the Yule Log cake.

All we need now is some alcohol 
This is some very old champagne found at the bottom of the Baltic Sea in the Åland archipelago, July 2010.  The 145 bottles consisting of  Veuve Cliquot, Juglar and Heidsieck have been dated to 1840.  The stamp was issued on the day two of the bottles were auctioned off on 3rd June 2011.  Eeva wrote on the back of the card ""It is still drinkable, they say" 

An entry to Sunday Stamps II theme of - Food and Drink -see more to feast on here    


FinnBadger said...

The Jersey set is stunning. And what an unusual subject for a stamp - old champagne from a wreck.

VioletSky said...

Yes, Christmas is certainly a time for eating! I would like some mince tarts and a piece of that log roll, please. The Jersey stamps remind me of illustrations for 70s era cookbooks/magazines.

Heleen said...

Beautiful stamps! I am not so fond of cake and other sweet food (except for chocolate and liquorize) but love to see these vivid stamps!

And wow, 170 years old bottles with drinkable drinks. Amazing! And nice stamp!

John Edwards said...

Most of them look good to me at any time of year and the fruit cake (especially if I can have cheese with it) I would eat any hour of the day or night!

Bob Scotney said...

Fine set from Jersey even if I would have to limit myself to what I ate of that lot.