Sunday, 2 August 2015

Hot and Cold

2007 Endangered Species. Royal Penguins
The only place Royal Penguins breed is on Macquarie Island (which lies halfway between Australia and Antarctica) and nobody knows where they all go for the rest of the year but here is an all action group paddling up an island stream. I like collective nouns so technically this group of penguins being on land is called a waddle, in the water a group would be a raft and young chicks together are a crèche.

Journey through stamps to a radically different environment, the Australian rainforest 
This is the vast wet tropical rainforests of North Queensland on the north-east of Australia. The Post have chosen an important habitat for flora and fauna, Daintree National Park, where some of the species here are found nowhere else on the earth.
The fauna chosen are top - Orange-thighed tree frog which dwells in the rain forest canopy and the fast flying Green-spotted triangle butterfly
Bottom - the rare nocturnal Striped possum and the small nectar-feeding Yellow-bellied sunbird

An entry to Sunday Stamps II theme - "Animals in the Wild" - to see more roam over here


FinnBadger said...

Beautiful stamp selection. The penguin one is wonderful, plus it is from an Antarctic territory - very special.

Bob Scotney said...

Australia does us proud again. I never expected the penguin.

VioletSky said...

Love the penguins (and I got to see some on Phillip Island, but they weren't royal, just little)
I didn't know the collective name was a waddle, but it certainly fits!
Australia does indeed have some weird and wonderful animals (and some of the most deadly - *shudder*)

Heleen said...

Great stamps - as said in other comments, Australian animals belong to my all-time favourites.

Many years ago I've been to Phillip Island, too, and indeed there the Little Penguin lives. Amazing to see them walk from the sea into the land.
Royal penguins I've never seen before, so I am happy you shared this beautiful maximum card with us!

And thank you for teaching us new words, 'waddle' sounds nice :-)