Tuesday, 23 December 2014

A Kindly Wish

"Fortune favour you/that so you may/Have all that gladdens life/this Christmas day"
 Postage date: 24 December 1914

I have been rather neglecting my postcards over the past year so its the perfect time to share this one with its Christmas wishes and echo them.  I like the subtlety of its colouring.  These two pretty girls are well insulated against the cold weather and I am rather envious of their hats, but possibly not the explosion of stoats over the girl in the foreground.

The card was part of my Grandmother's collection although not sent to her but addressed to her Aunt.  Like all postcard collectors she would have always have been on the lookout for more and have been a very happy recipient of this one, as so too am I.

Joining up with Beth's Postcard Friendship Friday after a long absence (happily its open all week for link up). It may prompt me to post more cards. 

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violet s said...

What a lovely image. I remember my mother having a stole - loved it, except for the head and little feet (that was creepy)