Sunday, 5 October 2014

Blue Planet

2013: Restoring Waterscapes
 I knew as soon as Viridian Postcard stated the theme 'se-tenant' for this week's Sunday Stamps which ones I would use as I've been looking for an opportunity to share this beautiful composition of stamps.  Swiss Post used the headline "Making Switzerland even more beautiful" in their publicity, although sadly nothing about the artists that created the scene (Franchon Catier and Simon Moser).

Landlocked Switzerland has been called the Water Tower of Europe with its lakes and rivers, including major ones like the Rhone and the Rhine, add to that the water locked in glaciers and snow and its a whole lot of water.  Like many industrialised countries some of their waterscapes have become degraded over the years - rivers constrained by concrete and pipes, pollution and an extensive hydroelectricity network a barriers to migrating fish.  Environmental laws and long term financial support have started to address the problem with projects such as those on the River Aare between Thun and Berne where the bed of the Aare was broadened and returned to its natural state. The River Birs in Canton Basel where it flows into the Rhine was called a "neglected backyard" also has also been restored to give the river more space and as a by-product it absorbs more water which means that during high discharge it helps prevent flooding.  The stamps show how people, and what thankfully is a marvellously resilient nature, are returning to enjoy the river banks.

Our watery planet makes an appearance on the 2013Albanian se-tenant stamps
2013:  Europa - Postman's Van
but this time with lovely postal messages and parcels whizzing around the Earth.  I've just discovered that not only did they issue them in a sheet but also in a two stamp booklet which looks as though it may be in the shape of a Postman's Van from Europa Stamps blog.  I may be on the look out for that desirable item next time I'm browsing stamps. 

An entry to Viridian Postcard's Sunday Stamps theme of  Se-tenant stamps - of which more here


VioletSky said...

You don't often see people in nature themed stamps, so it is nice to see the enjoying the reader and swimmer enjoying the great poutdoors.

I'm still trying to figure out how we got 'Albania' out of 'Shqirepia'!

Bob Scotney said...

Now I have learned something else about Albania - thanks to google.
I can see why you were pleased to show their stamps and those from Switzerland even more.

viridian said...

We might have a mini-theme going here -- se-tenant postal stamps :-) Both sets are a find. Thank you for participating.

Heleen said...

I hardly see stamps from Switzerland and I've never seen Albanian stamps before.
The Swiss sheet is beautiful, and the Albanian... I always feel extremely happy when I see post related stamps!
Thank you for sharing!

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

At first glance I thought the first set of stamps were going to be from Finland. Beautiful!

Unknown said...

I also never saw an albanian stamp. Thank you for sharing it! It looks great.