Sunday, 28 September 2014

Extreme Sports

If you were to skip into the post office in Finland there would never be a disappointment of the stamps on offer and not only that but  international stamps can be bought all in one handy booklet. I dream of such moments (they had even run out of international stamps last time I was in a UK post office). This is the cover of the stamp folder that Eeva sent me from Finland which she says are about "extreme sports"; lets turn the page
and discover the stamps inside, including their air mail stickers plus a description of the sports.
Posti's website calls this set 'Finnish Oddity', sports that are just the thing for those fun filled long sunlit days of summer - wife carrying, boot throwing, air guitar, old geezer carting, ant nest sitting and swamp football.   The designs are by the Finnish painter Bruno Maximus who is influenced by surrealism, his style is described as "hypnotic, dreamlike realism".  I've seen another painting of his of the ant sitting 'sport' with a giant human sized ant which is even funnier.  Believe me nothing moves me as fast to a standing position as discovering I've parked myself by an ant's nest whatever size the ant is.

An entry to Viridian Postcard's Sunday Stamps, more to see here   


Sreisaat said...

These are fun stamps, definitely for keeps. And the games look fun to me, as well. I can't imagine sitting on an anthill though - that person could be someone with super-tolerance for pain (unless the ants in Finland don't bite! haha).

Postcards Crossing

Bob Scotney said...

Brilliant idea for stamps. Great to see 'wellie' throwing included - I've tried that.

VioletSky said...

I have the 'wife carrying' stamp, but I LOVE the whole package! Some of our PO's could learn something from the Finns.

agi said...

ha! i have heard of the air-guitar competition but the rest seem equally fun!

Lisa B said...

Finnish stamps are always such original designs, they make some of our GB designs look a bit stuffy and old fashioned.

Postcardy said...

Those are fun stamps, but I usually look for something more traditional when I buy stamps to use on mail.