Friday, 11 July 2014

Eco Museum

I love an old fashioned (in the best possible way) museum that is just full of 'stuff' and the Ecomusee de Lizio in Brittany fits the bill perfectly. The founder, Alain Guillard, saw old objects and tools disappearing and being lost forever and started to collect and restore them; this treasure trove of 100,000 tools and objects is the result. Breton house interiors, workshops and schools are lovingly displayed, this postcard shows a selection on the theme of transport. Bottom right are toys of the Tour de France being held up at a railway crossing whereas the old Citroen, top left, I always think of as the 'Maigret' car.  Looks like we are all off on holiday, top right, and hopefully will not need the services of the breakdown truck (bottom left).

A short Q and A with Alain Guillard and directions to the Eco-museum of old trades and occupations here     

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