Friday, 29 November 2013


The art photographer Alicia Bock took a picture of this flowery bike in a Michigan summer in the 'Old Town'.  The original photograph shows the whole bicycle but for the postcard we get a cropped view.  Its nice to see someone produce postcards when so often artists go for the folding card here. Yes I've browsed her designs on Lagom Design's site but I think it will have to be a after Christmas purchase. The card came from Anne who at the time was enjoying a "golden October" in Germany.  It had 
a Tagetes definitive stamp and a wonderful Till Eulenspiegel stamp, which in 2011 commemorated 500 years since the stories were printed for the first time.  Till Eulenspiegel (meaning 'owl glass)' is a peasant trickster whose jokes and pranks are told in Flemish folk tales, often depending on a pun, when he tricks or drives people mad by taking their words literally .  The stories show the stupid but cunning peasant demonstrate his superiority to the narrow dishonesty of townsmen, clergy and the nobility. The stamp illustrates various objects from his pranks and was designed by the Berlin illustrator Henning Wagenbreth.  There were some fun first day of issue cancels.  For these and more stamps designed by Wagenbreth see here

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