Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A Windy Day

In one of the coincidences of life this card arrived on an especially windy day, but not a day that would freeze water, although as I write this the umbrella might come in handy for the downpour of rain outside.   My sender, Lisa, sent the card from "a grey and windy Helsinki" so maybe we experienced the same wind.  Nothing stops Inge Löök's aunties from enjoying themselves and I like to imagine them skating out into the Gulf of Finland and round the islands, whoosh.

The card came with one of this year's
postcrossing stamps.  There are four in total and this message on this one says it all. 


Hawwa said...

Perfect postcard and stamp! I'd like to receive both :)

Hawwa said...
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Maria Kristina Maano said...

How nice! I experienced windy day in north of UK and I was literally holding onto my umbrella like it's a matter of life and death... I envy these aunties they can still smile despite the strong wind!