Sunday, 28 October 2012


1957: Outdoor Recreation
 Heading to the great outdoors here are a couple enjoying two hobbies at the same time, fishing and canoeing. 
Stopping with the same set I think this is a great portrayal of swimming, she looks to be having fun so I'm thinking it is summer although the Russians are well known for breaking the ice to go swimming
1952: Winter Sports
but are skimming over the ice and snow in this two stamps.  But for a hobby that combines both art, gardening and a whole lot of patience what about the creation of miniature landscapes called Penjing,
L-R Chinese Elm; Juniper & Maidenhead
in Chinese, which translates as "tray scenery" a different tradition to the Japanese bonsai as its aim is to create a more wild look and represent a natural landscape but the trimming, pruning and wiring are the same.
Left -Chinese Juniper; Right - Wild Kaki persimmon
There are three forms of penjing -  Tree (which is closest to the Japanese bonsai), Landscape and Water.  In Landscape the rock is more important than the tree and Water creates a complex scene that shows all elements of a landscape and tells a story. 
Single-seed Juniper
Each area of China has its own style and favourite species of trees.

 An entry to Viridian Postcard's Sunday Stamps theme of - hobbies


agi said...

very nice take on today's theme, i love the chinese set :)

viridian said...

The last Chinese stamp seems to show an ancient craggy tree on a mountain. You have shared some great stamps today - thank you.

Bob Scotney said...

Gardening is a chore for me but I can see the attraction of these Chinese trees.

VioletSky said...

I love the Chinese set! I have had bonsais in the past and even belonged to a club to try to perfect my skills. I was not very good. I think I like the wildness of the Chinese version better.

and you are right, that swimmer does look very happy. she must not be swimming across Lake Ontario!

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

I've learnt something today because I'd never heard of penjing before.

Radim said...

Chinese bonsai set is gorgeous!