Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Flora of Iceland

In a land like Iceland lots of flowers grow low and the number of species are comparatively small, not because of climate but of isolation.  I like how the card shows the name in Icelandic,Latin and English on the reverse.  The sender of this card wrote that "the flowers are a joy" when she posted this card from Husavik ( a town on the north coast of the island) in July of 1982.  These were the last words on the card, the others said "This is not so much a holiday - more a survival exercise! We were stormbound for 3 days due to a hurricane in NW Iceland but have also managed to have some memorable experiences of the other kind".  Sometime disasters make the best holiday stories.

So there are the flowers for the first day of spring, which I imagine comes late to Iceland,  but the card also came with
two of the three bird stamps issued in 1981, the Raven and the Wren.

 A peaceful Husavik

An entry to Jocelyn of Cuckootree's Our Wonderful World Tuesday

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Marcie said...

Thank you for reminding me that Iceland is not covered in ice all year long ;)