Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Die Marksburg

This is how I imagine a fairy tale castle to look like, soaring towers on a high hill and surrounded by nature. Back to the present day, if you look closely there are red umbrellas on the left which I imagine is a café where one can while away an afternoon gazing down on the Rhine.

On the back of the card it says "Above the village of Braubach is the only Medieval Castle on the Rhine river that has never been destroyed", Originating in the 12th Century it was lived in for over 700 years and is now a museum open all the year.

A panorama here shows the view and the bend in the river, I was also impressed with the beams in the kitchen and you can even take a virtual trip to the gift shop where I spotted a nice twirl of postcards.

An entry to Jocelyn's Cuckootree Our Wonderful World Tuesday

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Christine H. said...

Isn't that something! Absolutely gorgeous.