Friday, 20 January 2012

Its A Wonderful Whorl

Snail shells are so pretty, the front one is from the Helicadae family, I wonder if it is Helicalla itala which comes in a variety of colours, if it is it would be appropriate for it lives in Western Europe and this card is from Germany. The pink one I think may be artistic license, or it is a little girl snail who loves the colour. My sender, Alexandra, says the quote means that it is important to see the beauty in everything.  I wondered what the  direct translation was because German has those wonderfully long words that encapsulate a whole concept, I was not disappointed. Lebenskunst means the "art of life" and Alltäglichen means the "ordinary experience", so I suppose the quote in direct rough translation is "The true art of life is to see the wonder in the ordinary".  The numerous variety of snails would certainly cover that, though ones view may change when they are chomping on a favourite flower.

The card came wiht
last years UNESCO World Heritage German/Japan joint issue. This is the Cathedral of  St Peter in the medieval part of Regensburg, Bavaria.  I've had one of these before here but the postmark hid a lot of the detail unlike this one.

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