Sunday, 9 October 2011


I am travelling to eastern Europe this week to the vastness of Russia. When these stamps were issued in 1961 they were part of a series called "Provincial Costumes", the provinces in question were part of the Soviet Union.  Now both the place of this first stamp, Georgia, and this one
of Byelorussia are countries in their own right. What a century of change Russia and eastern Europe has experienced, shifting borders, wars, social change and revolution. 
 The imperial Russian eagle of 1889
1943 Teheran Three Powers Conference and 26th Anniversary of the Russian Revolution.

Throughout the post has got through although I am not sure what these Young Pioneers are doing with this postbox in 1936.

An entry to Sunday Stamps sojourn in Europe


Postcardy said...

A nice variety of stamps from different eras. My favorite is the one with the boys and mailbox.

Bob Scotney said...

I was interested to see the stamp from 1943 as that was issued when I was a boy. Keeping up to date with new countries in Europe is a difficult task so it's good to see the Georgia and Byelorussia connections. have a good trip to Russia, Joy.

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

As you point out, there have been so many changes in recent years. It makes these stamps especially interesting. The Georgian costume one looks very eastern.

Lisa B said...

Interesting stamps, I really like the one with the flags.

Dorincard said...

Cool stamps! I have the Moldova SSR stamp from that series. :)

viridian said...

Yes please have a safe and wonderful trip. the costume stamps are wonderful.
Thank you for participating in Sunday stamps. 14 entries this week!
I am now finally getting around to commenting - I was away at a professional conference and did not have access to internet.