Monday, 10 October 2011

A Picnic Toast

It is not quite the weather for picnics at the moment but we have had a brief Indian Summer when all these picnickers could have sat down, there have been plenty of mushrooms.  So pass the cowslip wine, I might help myself to one of those sandwiches too and, as it seems to be all friends together, I might fulfil a lifetime ambition and stroke a bee.

Denise attached lots and lots of wonderful stamps onto this card, including three different New Year stamps which Canada does so well but I am going to save those for a Lunar New Year post as they deserve to be the highlight of a day to themselves. That was not all for there were three of the delightful Beneficial Insects series, of course we are talking beneficial to humans not to their fellow insects.
This the accurately named Assassin Bug who could be a feature of a horror film as it uses its beak to suck the body fluids out of its victims but a gardener would be happy to see it land.  Keith Martin who designed this series used a strong light source to cast an assassin shadow and stand out from the foliage.
This next set (top) is the pretty Golden-eyed Lacewing according to Canada Post  "Often found fluttering slowly around a front porch light, this insect, with its thin, bright-green body and sweeping, translucent wings, is a gentle friend to humans".  Its larvae are voracious predators who are used as an alternative to pesticides, hence their appearance on the first of this series of stamps in 2007.

Next we are back to the 2010 insects of the garden here the sociable Paper Wasp who get their name from the nests which are made by chewing wood fibre and formed into a paper-like comb of hexagonal cells.

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