Saturday, 9 October 2010


Porch and postbox in perfect harmony.
Lake District door

Gemma of Greyscale Territory is the hostess of Weekend Mailbox, post anything remotely to do with mail.


Greyscale Territory said...

O wow! The shape of the mailbox reflects the style of the porch! And colour co-ordinated too! A great find!

Chris Overstreet said...

Makes me wish I were on a "walking" postal route instead of a driving one; I have to settle for my drab, regulation mailbox by the curb.

Joy said...

Gemma - Wasn't it, somebody lives there who has an eye for detail.

Chris - You would have drive on this route as well but the surroundings of country lanes, lake district mountains and the occasion pub might make up for it. Is your 'drab' mailbox due for a paint.

maryt/theteach said...

Joy, thanks for commenting at my post about Glen Baxter. I love your door and mailbox. You could have used this for my meme "Widow Views and doors too" here