Saturday, 30 October 2010

Post Box #7 Adam Bridge, Coniston LA21 29

The Sacred Heart Catholic Church at Bowmanstead stands out on a hill when approaching the village of Coniston in the southern Lake District. For some reason I have never noticed the post box until this Sunday. I would have had an excuse this year for not noticing it, for Spoon Hall Pony Trekking have installed two flat white wooden horses on the hill, just before the church, advertising their ponies. They really catch the eye.  

Then when playing around with Google maps I noticed their cameras have been out and about , how could I resist putting the code in this post,  you can just make out the church tower and postbox below. No use panning to the left for the field was bare of wooden horses when the Google cars drove past.  I'd better put a picture here now I've bigged them up...

Gemma at Greyscale Territory is the hostess of Weekend Mailbox, post anything remotely to do with mail.  I'm justifying including the ponies, in times past they used to carry mail. Ha ha, only slightly tenuous.

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Greyscale Territory said...

A delightful, fun post! Enjoyed this different perspective of the Lakes District from a "postal" point of view! And love those horses! A creative idea!