Saturday, 11 September 2010

La Chapelle Caro Post Box

The French Marie  (the local mayors centre of administration) are always festooned with flowers, this one in La Chapelle Caro, Brittany is quite restrained compared to some but still prettily decorated.  This one has an added benefit for the postal enthusiast for, as you can see, down on the right there is a yellow post box. I had just arrived in France for my holidays so to have a close up was a must
We were to pass this on a regular basis during the fortnight for it was on the way to our holiday cottage.

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Christine H. said...

So simple and charming. What a delight!

Greyscale Territory said...

This would have to be the first time I have ever seen a yellow postbox! It looks so cute on that stunning building! Love the flower decoration!

Thank you so much for joining in Weekend Mailbox!

Coffeedoff said...

Lovely yellow mail box. I like the red one in your header too!