Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Charlie Up Against It

Back on line again after a bit of a computer glitch. Its had its power jack replaced, soldered in place and now glued together so up and running again.  I don't think I have any cards showing technical breakdowns so perhaps this strap line "Charlie up against it" will do.

This is one of series of old Red Letter Postcards featuring Charlie Chaplin and is a still from The Champion, also called Champion Charlie, released in 1915 by Essanay Studios (their logo can be seen bottom right of the card).  The film starts with Charlie sharing his last sausage with his dog Spike when he sees an advert for boxing sparing partners.  Here we are well into the film, the crooked gambler, played by Leo White with a suitably large villain moustache, has tried to bribe Charlie to throw the fight.

All ends happily, Charlie wins the fight with the help of his bulldog Spike and for once even gets the girl.

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