Saturday, 7 August 2010

Postal Service China

Here are stamps issued by the Nationalist Government of China in 1947 called "Progression of the Postal Service".  They issued a number of commemorative stamps in this year but this set show a mobile post office and a postal kiosk. I don't know if the scan is large enough (click to enlarge) but I do like the pointing hand on the pole by the kiosk.   How wonderful to drive a postal van in the rural areas of China but possibly not in 1947 when the country was in the middle of a civil war, within two years the Peoples Republic of China was born.

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Greyscale Territory said...

These are fascinating stamps! What a find! And that vehicle almost looks like a mini bus! A most intriguing, informative post!

Thank you so much for participating in my Weekend Mailbox meme again!

Enjoy your weekend!