Saturday, 19 June 2010

Post Box #1 Borwick (LA6 13)

Post Box by The Green, Borwick, Lancashire. How useful if you lived in this house to just pop to the post. But then there are 116,088 post boxes in the UK so perhaps no-one is too far from one. We are a long time away from 1852 when the author Anthony Trollope installed an experimental post box in the Channel Island.
I do like wall post boxes as they nestle into the landscape.  Traditionally made of cast iron they are painted every three years.  This one has the royal insignia VR so was installed sometime between 1881 to 1901.  Postie is up early on a Saturday as the collection is at 7.30 am.

Participating in Gemma's Grey Scale Territory Weekend Mailbox meme.


Greyscale Territory said...

Amazing how solid these old mailboxes are! And this one looks as if it could last another 100 years easily! The setting in the first photo is so charming and romantic!
Enjoyed the extra information too! Our posties only operate Monday-Friday! Usually they collect from post offices at 5pm.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Debs said...

i just LOVE mailboxes and pillar boxes too. when i'm in the UK i always seem to amuse the people i'm with by whipping out my camera when i spot a victorian one! thanks for introducing me to this meme!

Joy said...

Gemma - Yes its a pretty little village with lots of old houses. Just keep painting the post boxes and they will outlast us all.

Debs - I seem to amuse people as well especially if they wonder where I've gone and turn round to see me charging across a road, camera in hand. I've just discovered the meme as well, it was one I could not resist.