Wednesday, 2 June 2010


No indication on the back of this card to where this lighthouse is, or what coast. It is number 23 of 24 from a postcard book.  My sender sent greetings from Germany and tells me she has nearly finished University.  I browsed through Anke and Jens lighthouse site on the assumption it was German but the only one I could find like this was inland, so I admit defeat, but a great Lighthouse website and now I know a whole lot more about German lighthouses.

Being an islander the sea and it shoreline are endlessly fascinating, but then in the UK any parking spot with a view out to sea usually has someone in it gazing out at the horizon.

My card came with two of the flower definitive stamps.  I like this series which make cards and letters look so pretty. Wish our definitives consisted of more than the rather boring queen's head.
In floriography or the Victorian language of flowers if they sent a yellow tulip it meant hopeless love. There are many meanings for roses and combinations of different colours have other meanings but a deep red rose means bashful shame although a single rose means simplicity.

This card travelled 716 miles (1,153k) and took 9 days. Thank you Danja



Christine H. said...

This is going to keep me up at night. If you do happen to find out what lighthouse it is, please post the answer. I couldn't even wager a guess.

Joy said...

I shall have to keep browsing the lighthouse sites, though wouldn't it be nicer to take a trip along the German coast. The thing that is niggling me is I have seen this picture somewhere else; but where? Its now down to either serendipity or my memory.....