Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Cathedral Square in the heart of Vilnius, capital of Lithuania. New year celebrations and other events take place here. The cathedral seems to be mix of architectural styles and has a separate bell tower just like the campanile of Italy.  The statue to be seen to the right is a modern one (1996) of the first ruler of Lithuania, Gediminas. The postcard had a silhouette of this on the back.  The sender says she enjoys going for long walks around the Old Town and it does look like lovely centre with all the green spaces mixed in with the buildings.  The legendary violin virtuoso Jascha Heifetz was born in Vilnius.

The capital city location in the south east of the country is as a consequence of changing national borders over the centuries.  The card came with one of the February 2010
Coats of Arms of Lithuanian Towns series stamps. 

These arms are the town of Varena, also located in the south of the country.  The area has a tradition of wild hive bee-keeping so I presume this is the origin of the design.  There is a mushroom festival every September in this area of forests and their development priorities are "unconventional rural businesses to preserve natural heritage and nature".  Isn't that an intriguing statement.

The card travelled 1,141 miles (1837k) and took 20 days. An Ejyafjallajokull volcano delay. Thank you Kristina for showing me your world.

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