Monday, 24 May 2010

Sea Holly House - Netherlands

A great summery card to receive in the middle of some warm weather, a little house called 'Stranddistel' nestling amongst the sunflowers, which translates as Beach Thistle, or as we know them here Sea Holly. These plants like sand dunes and I think I can just catch a glimpse of some at the back.  I could find no information about the artist, Annemarie Bethke, I wonder if she has a dachshund.  My sender cycles 15K to work by farmland and woods in both the sun and rain, ah the joys of cycling, I'm a sunshine rider myself but the Netherlands is a great cycle friendly country.

It came with an eclectic mix of stamps
Starting from the left we have the Olympic Torch Lighting stamps of 1996, which was the centennial of the modern Olympics and held in Atlanta, USA. The Dutch  won 19 medals (4 gold, 5 silver & 10 bronze) which by coincidence was the same total medal haul as when they last hosted the event in 1928. The 1920s and 30s were a great era for posters

The other two stamps are charity issues of 1979 the middle one for the International Year of the Child entitled the "right to food", one of the basic human rights.

The right hand one is for Cultural, Health and Social Welfare Funds and represents a fragment of the 'Psalmen Trilogie' by the Dutch composer Jurriaan Andriessen.

The card travelled 414 miles (667k) and took 8 days. Thank you Yvon for this pretty card.

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