Friday, 18 August 2017


"Somebody's Sweetheart"
This one of several vintage cards I was sent by Denise in Canada, a lot of them feature this same girl.  I wonder if she was the photographers girlfriend? I like to think so, I can imagine them going out together for a day or two of photography. This particular day must have been warm enough for her to take off her shoes the others feature more heavy duty clothing.  The postcards all have one thing in common they all feature the little captions on the theme of love and they are not studio portraits so must be have taken in the local park or wood.

The postcard publisher is Atkinson Bros, Toronto who started to issue postcards about 1900 but usually of views or on a patriotic theme.
Fast forward to the 1930s and a time of women's emancipation
and a lot less clothes. This retro card is of a advert c1930.  It is a beautiful and, as is often the case in Britain, a windy day at the beach.  The white cliffs of Dover can be seen in the background.  The card says on the reverse "For 60 years, from 1901, Ariel was associated with some of Britain's best motorcycles. After WWII the company became part of BSA"  Is the dog hoping for a ride on the bike or just waiting to be taken for a walk?
Postcards for the Weekend theme - Vintage or Retro - the Linky Party is at Connections to the World

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Maria said...

Hi Joy, thanks for the comment on my post this weekend. The flight was 15 minutes delayed. Not so bad, I had worse! :) Thanks for sharing your vintage & retro cards. I love the details you shared for each period of time from where the postcards were from. I hope you're having a nice weekend!