Sunday, 5 June 2016


1980: 60th Anniversary of Guernsey Police
Walkies?  Well it looks rather more energetic than the usual cliff top amble.  Guernsey Police have two full time dog handlers with two dogs each (german shepherds and spaniels) and I don't suppose anything was any different back in 1980.

I was glad this week's theme was canines rather than just dogs as I think I used most of my dog stamps last time the theme was dogs in Sunday Stamps previous incarnation.  Saying that my next stamp is a dog, but just not the domesticated variety, and one that hunts in packs, 
c1993: Definitives: Endangered Fauna
a Wild Dog, sometimes called African Painted Dogs.  There are five different types and the South African species is the most colourful distinguished by the amount of yellow and orange in its coat. 
2011: World Wildlife Fund 50th Anniversary
Perhaps it is a face only a mother could love but one can see its eyes are similar to this more ubiquitous species, the red fox,
c1998: Red fox definitive
whose eyes are giving a very alert and knowing stare in the stamp designed by Robert Giusti, or perhaps they have just glazed over when I say that this was USA's first definitive to contain a 'Scrambled Indicia' image that can only be seen through a special acrylic decoder lens'.  I don't understand any of those words but you can read about it here

 The wildlife artist Robert Gillmor has taken a different approach on his portrayal of a fox
2015: Winter Fur and Feathers (Red Fox)
but then the Post and Go machine stamp set was called 'Winter Fur and Feathers' and it looks suitably snowy.  Happily in contrast I am sitting looking out of the window on to a sunny and warm June day.

An entry to Sunday Stamps II theme - Canines - bound over to See It On A Postcard for more  


FinnBadger said...

The wild dog stamps are stunning, thanks for sharing those.

Bob Scotney said...

the GB stamp of the African Wild Dog always makes me think it is a bear.

The USA Red Fox is one I think I have show before.

VioletSky said...

I deliberately kept it open for non dogs (hoping for a fox!). That painted dog from SA certainly has a wild coat, as if it had been caught in a paint ball game.

Ana said...

good to see some non-dog stamps for the subject - however my heart just wouldn't let go and had to stick to dogs only :)

Heleen said...

I love the combination of the South African painted (!) wild dog and the Royal Mail photo portrait of the same kind of canine. Thank you for sharing!

@VioletSky I suddenly remember I have a Dutch fox stamp, totally forgot when I thought of the theme... I will save it for a next time :-)

Heleen said...

Oh, and the first stamp, the dog at work, is a beauty, too!

Eva A. said...

Me too, I like a lot the dog at work. And the wild dog, it's a great picture.