Sunday, 6 April 2014

Wings of Time

A photograph of the Menzies Creek Post Office around 1900 was the theme of this stamp from the "200 Years of Australia Post" series issued in 2009.  The post office opened on the 2nd May 1887 which was before the country of Australia had issued its first (and famous), kangaroo on a map stamp in 1913. Before that date State stamps were issued to meet the postal needs of the public. Perhaps about the time of the photograph someone in Menzies Creek would receive postcards from Britain with a stamp like this.
Definitive c1887
I know the postcard rate was a halfpenny at this time, but would that carry it to Australia?  I don't know. 
For a more substantial  package maybe a threepenny stamp would be needed
Definitive c1887
The Menzies Creek Post Office closed in 1980 and if one of their small population (present day numbered 911) was a stamp collector this might have arrived in the post that year.
1980: Centenary of Wild Bird Protection Act

One of the last stamps issued by the post office counter to their customers would have been the 1980 Australian Birds (2nd series) stamps.
Menzies Creek is 42k south east of Melbourne, Victoria and by coincidence this stamp was posted not very far away in Clayton South (21k south east of Melbourne).  The slogan says "Check Address if Incorrect Advise Writer".   By the time of the 8 Feb 1982 cancel both Menzies Creek and Clayton South post offices were closed, guess that must mean a trip into Melbourne.   

An entry to Viridian Postcard's Sunday Stamps - theme this week Anything You Like and next week "old or vintage stamps of your country" but as I am away again next week I have slipped a couple of this theme into this week.


Bob Scotney said...

We used to live within easy reach of Peakirk but we never went there. Great FDC.
Thanks for sneaking the oldies from Victoria.

Postcardy said...

I think that the only postcards in the 1880s would have been postal cards with preprinted postage, not ones using separate stamps.

Lisa B said...

Great maxicard, and what a shame the PO closed.

VioletSky said...

I'm not sure of any of our small town post offices look anywhere near as quaint as your Australian ones do.
Birds are always a favourite of mine (I think I may have that king parrot) but I also really like the halfpenny design.

Hawwa said...

All interesting stamps, indeed. I like to see the picture of the post office. It seems so remote nowadays...!

Hawwa said...

All interesting stamps, indeed. I like to see the picture of the post office. It seems so remote nowadays...!

luvlinens said...

Great Maxi Post Card from 2009.