Sunday, 23 February 2014

Bears and Roses

These fluffy teddy bears are this year's Finland Posti's stamps for Valentines Day. I like how in Finland Valentines Day is not only for romance but also friendship.  They say this (one of a set of six) sends a message of friendship and remembrance of others and have called it 'Bear Friends'.  Drawn by the artist Henna Takkinen (b1969) she specialises in bears and indeed has written a masters thesis on them from ancient bear gods to to teddy bears of modern times. This is the first time her art has been designed for stamps and she says
 "Teddy bears have taken me on an endless adventure, everything is possible in their world. I want to share through art a teddy bear world of universal peace and love. Through stamps that message of caring and friendship can be shared with the world,"
This is the first issue of a continuing Australian series of Greeting stamps and was released in time for Valentines Day.  The stamp was designed by Kate Linton but the cover which repeats the romantic red rose was designed by Melinda Coombes.  Australia Post have used the small settlement (pop 1,077) of Rosedale, Victoria as the cancel which also has a sweet story as this small town was the site of a  station owned by David Parry-Okedon who in the 1840s called his livestock run Rosedale after his wife Rosalie.  In earlier times when the it was just a staging post it lived by the name of Blind Joe's Hut after a Chinese man who was blind in one eye and, you've guessed it,  had a hut on the Lantrobe River. Not quite as romantic for use as a rose themed cover.



Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

I rather like the idea of Valentine's Day being for friendship as well as romance. It's a lot more inclusive.

Heleen said...

All are beautiful stamps, as is the Australian first-day cancellation stamp.

Also I love the idea of Valentine's Day being for friendship.
Valentine's Day is a rather new tradition in our country (Netherlands). During my childhood I didn't know anyone who celebrated, but I see that my 9-y-o daughter now does. And she has been making Valentine's cards for several friends. Besides that I received a Valentine's card from my Greek mail-art pal :-)

Bob Scotney said...

The Finnish stamp is fun; the Australian rose is beautiful. A rose would be my choice for a gift.

viridian said...

I think I have another in the series of teddy bears - a bear writing and addressing a letter. I may use it in a future theme, who knows.
thank you for participating!

VioletSky said...

I like the dancing teddy bears - wouldn't have known it weas for Valentine's Day, so glad you researched it.

Little Nell said...

You can't go wrong with roses for Valentines Day, but I rather like those dancing teddies too.

Hawwa said...

I really like the teddy bears!
I didn't join Sunday Stamps on this theme, but I have posted some hearts and love on Valentine's Day: