Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Red Crowned Cranes

This gorgeous card from China came from Postcrosser Silverstro, it did not scan well so I have tried to darken it a little to show up the detail. The sender Postcrosser Silverstro says "this is a card of traditional Chinese art.  Red crowned cranes stand for elegance and long life".  The red crowned crane lives in the north east of China and in autumn migrates in flocks, what a stunning sight that must be. The red bare skin on the crown becomes brighter in the mating season and the feathers are described as "snow white" a wonderful contrast to those black edged wings. 

Red necked cranes appear in many myths and legends and it is sometimes called the 'fairy crane' or 'crane of the immortals' in Taoism where it symbolises longevity and immortality. The peaches they stand beneath also symbolise longevity. I seem to remember that the China rose stands for grace and beauty but I am sure the colours the artist has used have meaning too.

The card came appropriately with a
bird flying over water. It is from the "Protecting the common homeland of mankind" series of definitives which started in 2002 and this 4.50 value's (first issued in 2004) message is of biodiversity protection. 


Brenda Perez said...

Beautiful postcard!

Scriptor Senex said...

I've seen Red-crowned Cranes at out local zoo ansd they do have a sort of mystical feel to them.