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Welcome to the world of abstract designs.   The Japanese produced many stamps for the 1970 World Fair in Osaka, some were issued to fund the construction of the central gates, I have conflicting information as to whether this was one of them.  The theme of the fair was "Progress and Harmony for Mankind" and was suitably futuristic, however the most popular exhibit was out of this world - a piece of moon rock brought back by Apollo 12 in 1969
I imagine it is difficult to produce a stamp for abstract concepts like the 50th Anniversary of the Flemish Economic Federation but you could make all sorts of connections and interpretations with this design.  For another spiky designs I turn to
the Australian artist Robert Jacks who started his 'Wedge' paintings of abstract geometric shapes in 1982.  This one, "Cord Long Drawn, Expectant" was painted in 1985, Australian Post say "the diagonal shards of textured colour create an illusion of three-dimensionality and competing forces".  The stamp is one of a set of four which features paintings since European settlement from the country's public art collections. The Maximum Card shows its home, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney where you can look from its windows over the famous harbour. The  Art Deco building was originally built for the Maritime Services Board but opened as a museum in 1991, it has recently undergone an extensive refurbishment.
2002: Birth Centenary of Ernst Wilhelm Nay
Lets experience the vivid colours of the German abstract artist Ernst Wilhelm Nay (1902-1968) who was condemned by the Nazis as degenerate and whose works were displayed in the infamous "Degenerate Art Exhibition" in 1937.  He was then  forbidden to paint and denied materials. Conscripted into the German Army in 1940 as a cartographer his unit went to France where a French sculptor placed his studio at his disposal and he painted in secret. After the war his studio destroyed by bombing in Berlin, Nay resumed work to become one of Germany's most influential artist. Nay's exuberant colours are both the means and purpose for his continual development. The painting used on the stamp is 'Gelbfeder in Rot (Yellow Feather in Red)' and can be seen at Museum Ludwig, Köln.

Lastly as it is Mothering Sunday today of course one has to say it with flowers
1971: Postage Due
I must say that these postage due stamps are much better than having a postcard through your door and asked to collect the item from the main post office, charge £1 and not even a stamp in exchange.

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viridian said...

Over time, as I get older, the abstract art is more appealing to me. The Jacks painting I esp. like. What a wonderful range of abstract works you have shared!! thank you.

Bob Scotney said...

As I have nothing to match the theme I am in awe of what you are showing us, especially the Australian stamp.

Lisa B said...

wonderful selection, I thought I might find some art stamps, but didn't.

Marcie said...

I was looking for art stamps as well, but all I could find were museums!

VioletSky said...

this was a harder theme than I expected it to be, but you have excelled at it! and I had forgotten all about Nay, so thanks for the reminder.

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

The Australian abstract stamp is among my fav!

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Master said...

Lovely stamps to match the abstract theme. Great job done!