Wednesday, 6 February 2013


The old harbour (Il porto antico) in Genoa. The old port was redeveloped, restoring historic buildings including the old cotton warehouses. It is a familiar story from all over the world bringing back to life areas that once were large trading ports, but time and trade changed with containerisation and different trading routes.  These old warehouses covert so well and who does not like a waterfront.  This is now a popular tourist centre where you can stroll along the harbour, visit museums, restaurants and bars. 

I tried to find out what the spiky thing was and from the little I found it appears that they are old cranes from ships, the base is in the water with a circular panoramic lift.

Clare and Al had been to the aquarium which is one of Europe's largest and also the Maritime Museum.  It would be like a home from home because they live near those two attraction in England too.  Genoa has been described as "decayed glory" which makes it so interesting and pretty. The port is described as having some funky avant-garde architecture.  Sounds the perfect mix of old and new, especially in that wonderful Italian sun.

The card came with
one of the Poste Italiane definitive stamps, the 0.75 being first issued in 2011.  I love the design of the envelope swooping into the air with the Italian colours in its wake. As can be seen the stamp designer is credited on the stamp and is Antonio Ciaburro (1951-)Italian artist and engraver who has designed and engraved over a 100 stamps for Italy, the Vatican and San Marino. 

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