Monday, 6 August 2012

Visit Åland

I'll be paddling in the north sea for the next couple of weeks on holiday on the coast of Suffolk but this postcard person is paddling in the Baltic Sea.  Maybe one year I will do this too.  For this year's Europa theme of "Visit" the Åland Islands issued this picture as their stamp.  The photo was shot at the old Kobba klintar pilot station, the island is by the inlet of the western harbour of Mariehamn. It is considered one of the most beautiful places of Åland and if the flag is flying then the cafe is open and you can look at the views with coffee and cake.  There may be a cruise ship or ferry sailing past out of the harbour.

My postcrossing friend Eeva sent the card with a first day cancel of Mariehamn and the logo of Visit Åland which is the Åland flag.

Thank you Eeva, wishing you warm Summer paddling.   

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Scriptor Senex said...

I like the fact that it's at an angle - it makes it so much better as a photo. Enjoy your holiday!