Monday, 9 April 2012

Happy Easter

The Aunties are enjoying howling at the moon and I think pretending to be Easter Witches, (trulli in Finnish) The trulli are supposed to do mischievous things at this time of year and in Finland are represented as scarf clad women riding a broom with their black cat and copper coffee pot. Yes they are all in place together with daffodils and coins.  I am not sure what the coins are all about but there is a tradition where children go door to door exchanging decorated twigs for coins, so maybe the old ladies have been collecting.

Thank you Eeva for sending this Easter greetings, one of Inge Löök's best, such a fun, and wonderfully imagined card. 

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Alhana said...

This is a great Easter card. The cats look as happy as the aunties!