Monday, 22 February 2010

Seaside Scarborough

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As we have just had more snow, why not think of summer.  Here are two postcards from the early 1970s of the South Sands, Scarborough.  The first shows the two essentials for a beach holiday in Britain, a wind break and a jumper (as worn by the small boy in the foreground).   Everybody looks as though they have settled in for the day under the blue skies and curiously there is not one person without a deckchair.

Scarborough on the north east coast of England is said to be the resort where sea bathing began in Britain. It is certainly one of the oldest resorts and was popular as a spa  in the 17th Century.

Colourmaster PT20408

On the knob of land that divides the sands of north and south bay stands Scarborough Castle built in the 12th Century by Henry Second (Henry Plantagenet) on the site of a Roman signal station.

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