Sunday, 15 December 2019

Snow At Christmas

2007: Christmas Post (Design: Ingrid Vang Nyman)
Mr Nillsson is helping Pippi Longstocking by cutting out spicy Christmas biscuits. It was Astrid Lindgren's 100th anniversary in 2007 so for Postnord it was an easy choice for a stamp subject.
2007: Merry Christmas  - Look, Its Snowing (Design - Ilon Wikland)
I think the title on the stamp booklet "Se, det snöar" (Look, it's snowing) may be a title of one of Astrid Lindgren's stories and her long time illustrator Ilon Wikland brings it to life.
2003: Christmas Stamps (Design - Stina Langlo Ördal)
I wonder if Father Christmas is going to be left one of the biscuits when
he leaves his present.
2008: Christmas stamps (Design - Kjell E Midthun)
Gnomes also leave presents on Christmas Eve but they prefer porridge to biscuits.

Sunday Stamps II theme this week is - Secular Christmas - See It On A Postcard


Mail Adventures said...

In my book the biscuits weren't for Christmas, but for her birthday's party :)

I just love all these festive designs.

violet s said...

I love all the home made biscuits that appear at this time of year.
Porridge would be more warming and filling than biscuits, but then imagine how Santa would feel after so many bowls...!!
The 'it;s snowing' stamps are lovely. (it is raining here. sigh.)

FinnBadger said...

These are so much fun!

Bob Scotney said...

I'm waiting for the Royal Mail to produce fun stamps like these.

Heleen said...

Such a joyful stamps! I love the Pippi stamp!
And the Santaclaus I think very friendly, pictured so well.
I wonder how the gnomes are able to move in such a thick layer of snow (and how nice that they bring presents, Dutch gnomes don't know this tradition). So apart from portidge and biscuits, this tiny stamp hands me a lot of food for thought :-)