Sunday, 22 May 2022

Sailing Away


2020: Sailing Ships (Artist: Allan Palmer)

The 4 masted barque Viking was one of the last tall ships that participated in the Grain Race between Europe and Australia. How the wind is ripping into those sails. In 1909 with a full load of wheat she registered a record speed of 15.5 Knots (28.7km or 17.8mph). Today 10 four masted barques survive but only 5 still sail which is a miracle in itself. Viking was originally built for the Danish fleet but today is moored permanently in Gothenburg.

Here is Viking with all its impressive sails unfurled.
1983: Boats

Or you might prefer something more colourful from Vietnam

2015: Exhibition Card for the Swedish Svedala Stamp and Postcard Fair

A windy day. I wonder if those sails can cope?

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viridian said...

The Viking - that's a lot of sails. Beautiful stamps.

viridian said...

PS. I shared an stamp of an old ship that still sails - once a year.

violet s said...

Love that you included a windmill!
All those sails on the Viking look so impressive - it must have been quite a challenge to get them all up when out in the open seas.

Mail Adventures said...

I really love that pictorial postmark on the first stamp. And those colourful Vietnamese sails!